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About Angel Education Society

Angel Education Society, established in 8th April 1987, is a non-profitable organization registered under West Bengal Act. XXVI having Reg NO S/54851 of 1987-1988. It is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising of eminent Educationists, Philanthropists and Administration.

The Society is acclaimed for its achievement, having imparted through its institutions, quality education for decades, predominantly to the Children of Local citizens.

The society’s Institution is professionally managed by an Executive Committee vastly experience in administration, Technology aided learning and education management.

While management of academic is placed in the hands of distinguished and highly capable Principals and Teachers, the society provides and administers supports services to the schools.

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Moinagadi, Noapara, Barasat, Kolkata - 700125, West Bengal, INDIA

+ 9875333264 / 8777035592 / 8981296041
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