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Bright and child-friendly Classroom provide the right ambience for learning. Classrooms are spacious and are well-ventilated with comfortable furniture. Each classroom has Eco–friendly glass-boards and interactive smart boards which can be used as a huge computer screen.


Pre-nursery school helps a child to adjust and fare better in primary classes because of his early preparation and acquaintance with the school atmosphere. Kalyani Public School gives the opportunity for every child to live free from all fears and tension. Children are provided with a great variety of materials to manipulate, experiment, play, touch and feel. The school inculcates child-oriented programmes so that his/her imagination is simulated and his / her creativity is encouraged. The school provides an environment to enhance the knowledge of our little darling of pre-nursery. For us, every child is an “able child “thus exploring their abilities comes naturally. Special attention is given to spoken English.


  • Full Filers
  • Tricycles
  • Doll Corner
  • Block to recognize alphabets number colours and shapes
  • Audio Visual teaching aids
  • Sand Play
  • Block to improve geometrically
  • Sleeping corner genius
  • Story Room
  • Clay Modelling
  • Story Telling
  • Ball Room

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