Angle Education Society A Unit of Angel Education Society


  • There are separate libraries for the Primary and Senior School. Collection of more than 15000 books.
  • A regular subscription to many national and international journals. 200 CD ROMs on various subjects.
  • The array of books which covers fiction, nonfiction, autobiographies, encyclopedia, and other textual readings helps to develop the interest in reading and also satisfies the child's curious mind.
  • The well-lit and spacious library provides a conducive environment for complete conception.
  • Computers with internet facilities make the library a complete learning centre.
  • Library periods are incorporated in the regular timetable provide reading opportunities to all children.
  • Children are allowed to borrow reading and learning material for a week at a time.

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Moinagadi, Noapara, Barasat, Kolkata - 700125, West Bengal, INDIA

+ 9875333264 / 8777035592 / 8981296041
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