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School Events


Students are encouraged for creative writing and the selected works are displayed on the wall. Beside weekly P.T. classes, tournaments on house basis are held for football and cricket (for boys) and Khokho (girls). The school holds annual day function and annual sports and athletic meet in alternative sessions. Thus students get the opportunity to show their talents in the cultural field drama, dance, instrumental and vocal music etc. above all we celebrate and arrange competition on various occasions under the direction of the teachers.

In sports, our students have Won state and national championship in Table tennis. Basketball, swimming and karate competitions.


The goal is to educate the whole person and faster responsible, compassionate citizen.

The CAS programme is an integral part of the curriculum at all levels of the school. Students need to take part in artistic activities (creativity, sports, excursions, educational tours (action) and community or social service projects.


  • Indian classical
  • Folk
  • Modern
  • Western

  • Guitar
  • Octopad
  • Drums
  • Table
  • Keyboard

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Paper Mache
  • Batik
  • Photography
  • Clay Models

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